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      Please post all feedback regarding the closed beta below using the suggested format.

      Please use these formats to compose your Feedback:

      If you found a Bug or Error:

      Feedback Type: Bug
      When: Approximately what time you encountered the bug (in UTC).
      Where: The URL of the page where you encountered the bug.
      What: What happened and what you were trying to do on the site when you encountered the bug. – Please also include a screenshot of the error if possible.

      If you have a Suggestion or Improvement to make the site better:

      Feedback Type: Suggestion
      Suggestion: Describe your suggestion.
      Why: Explain why your suggestion should be considered and how it would improve the site.
      How: Explain how your suggestion would be implemented, please include and relevant links here.

      Thank you all for your time and assistance.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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